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77119 Heater Relay Board


This replacement is for all IQ 2020 controllers in all Hot Spring, Limelight, and Tiger River spas up to 2008

NEW PART NUMBER IS 77119 New style board replaces all older versions


74618 Relay Board is Discontinued. Old Relay Board  had Three Relays

(New Version has two) and the connection for the heater wires are the same




1st style board had heater wires conntect into a clip connection. 

when you install new style board clip off connector tabs on end of heater wires

, and connect into h1 and h2 of terminal block

Click the Videos tab to see a installation video



Heater relay Board for Limelight Hot Tubs made in 2008-2009







Item  Description Part #
1 Heater Relay Board 74618