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PLM150JWAF58 Pentair PLM 150 SQ FT Sys


Pentair 150 Sq Ft  MODULAR MEDIA System


 Complete with 1.5hp Motor


Our PLM Series Filter Systems Filter System is the ultra-capacity filter that handles dirt loads up to 15 times greater than sand filters of equivalent size. Available with a JWP Series or ABG Series pump.


  • Typical Installation � Aboveground pools
  • Compact Design � Fits easily in tight
    installations. Sleek-looking in matte black
  • Safe Access � The Posi-Lok
    locking ring is safe and easy to use.
    Split-tank design permits rinse-in-place cleaning.
  • Superior Dirt Loading � Flow-Balanced
    tank hydraulics direct water
    through each side of filter module.
    Uniform dirt-loading prevents clogging
  • Easy Reading � Information panels
    and top-mounted pressure gauge are
    positioned for easy reading
  • Power Options � Two pumps
    available � 1 to 1-1/2 HP

Owners Manual



 PDF Brouchure