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Espio Inground Pool Alarm


Sensor Espio  is a very discreet pool alarm.

It is the only fall sensing alarm system designed to install underneath pool coping where it is out of sight and out of the way.

Sensor Espio can perfectly be integrated to most existing or under construction swimming pools, thanks to its multi support system. Moreover its innovative design allows it to be compatible with a large majority of automatic pool covers.

Equipped with a powerful integrated siren and a remote alarm to place in the dwelling, Sensor Espio™ is simple to install and easy to use thanks to its remote control.

Perhaps most important for you to know is that Sensor Espio™ is based on technology proven in more than 300,000 pools worldwide. Aquasensor technology is clearly the global standard. This is a product you can trust.


espio-senorSensor Espio™ comes with a convenient wireless, handheld remote on/off control. For safety sake, it is designed with a limited range of 10' to require pool inspection before disarming. This is a critical design feature for maximum safety.

Sensor Espio™ allows installation on pools with automatic pool covers.

• For pool owner convenience, the wireless indoor alarm has an extensive 100' range.

• Although totally waterproof, Sensor Espio™ must be half immerged, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, in order to work properly.

• For convenience and safety, Sensor Espio™ automatically rearms itself a few minutes after swimmers leave the pool.

espio-senorInstallation is simple and fast on new or existing pools. All hardware and simple instructions are provided, including required batteries.

• As another indicator of Sensor Espio™ quality and reliability, it is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. As you can see, Sensor Espio™ anticipates and meets all the challenges for a pool alarm that’s effective, dependable, simple to install and operate, and yet invisible on the job. As you take steps to prevent the heartbreak of pool-related accidents, rely on Sensor Espio™ as your proven and positive line of defense.


SPECIAL NOTE : Exclusive Aquasensor Technology minimizes false alarms. Upon installation and initial start-up of Sensor Espio™ , all pool operating systems should be operating (filter pump, waterfall, fountain, cleaner, etc.). Sensor Espio™ self-calibrates to its environment during the first 10 minutes of operation so it "knows" not to activate its alarm as the result of these normal water disturbances.

Tech specs



• Exclusive Aquasensor Technology
ASTM F2208-02 Certified
• Exclusive under-coping installation
• Strong poolside alarm- 100 db
• Strong indoor wireless remote alarm (85db) with 100' range
• On/off remote control with 10' range-requires pool inspection before disarming
• Effective in pools up to 20' x 50' (1,000sft)
• Automatic rearming after bathing
• Poolside unit dimensions: 10.5" x 8" x 2.2"
• Compatible with auto pool covers
• Poolside unit totally waterproof
• All installation hardware included
• Alarm Failure signals
• Low battery light
• Batteries included (4 "D")
• Chemical and UV-resistant materials of construction
• Two-year limited warranty
UL listed
NSF certified