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Aqua Guard Pool Alarm System


Each Aquaguard Pool Alarm Includes a main unit detector and a wireless remote with transformer. One Aqua Guard Alarm will cover a typical 16x32 rect. or kidney pool. If pool is larger you will need two systems.  The Spa will require a separate system.  The Aqua Guard Meets requirments of ASTM Pool Alarm Standard F2208.

Why is the AquaGuard swimming pool alarm the #1 choice of the nation’s largest swimming pool builders?

Because it’s the most reliable consumer-installed swimming pool alarm that detects a child or pet (18 lbs or more) falling into the pool or spa while being virtually immune to wind and false alarms. AquaGuard even works in swimming pools with typical spa overflows and certain other water features.

When a child falls into the swimming pool, the detector’s dual sirens insure that you hear the pool alarm outside (louder than a car alarm) while the remote unit’s siren sounds inside the house. Swimming Pool builders very much like the fact that the AquaGuard Pool Alarm is very easy to use and always lets you know when it’s armed. The two-way remote allows their customers to put the system into “swim stand-by” mode from the house and the system even rearms itself after everyone has left the pool.

Swimming pool builders think it is very important for you to know when the system is armed or in “stand-by” mode or if there is a low battery. For this reason, we provide a large visible LED on the detector which tells you exactly that and the wireless remote does the same. Whenever the system re-arms, you will get a clearly audible tone sequence.

Swimming Pool Alarm Features Diagram

Each AquaGuard Pool Alarm System includes a main unit (detector) and a wireless remote with transformer. One AquaGuard Pool Alarm System will cover a typical 32' x 16' rectangular or kidney shaped swimming pool (click here for configuration section). If the pool is larger or irregular shaped, then you will need 2 systems (consult your AquaGuard dealer or contact us directly with questions). When using 2 systems, they can be operated via one wireless remote for ease of use. A spa will require a separate system.