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Silk Balance Bottle


Gone are the test strips, balance kits, alkaline increasers, calcium hardeners, Ph increaser or degreaser, stain & and scale controllers, Throw all those chemicals away SilkBalance eliminates all the time and frustration with your current water care maintenance program, no more inventorying and buying all those chemical products.

SilkBalance is a self-adjusting water care formulation, just one application per week! And experience that unforgettable luxurious feeling and pleasant scent. SilkBalanceautomatically balances the water's pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium hardness.

Simple "Shake & Pour"

Our special formulation makes it so simple.  Shake & Pourit once a week for luxurious and soothing fresh water experience.

Your spa and your time is about relaxation, not frustration; avoid all that handling and using all those harsh chemicals, and finally spend the time experiencing a cleaner, softer, more vibrant water experience with SilkBalance

Simple "Save More Time"

Most dealers will ship to your door!.  Having your SilkBalance shipped directly to you with our Easy-Shipping Box is the easiest way to maintain your spas, save more time to enjoy the relaxing feeling of your spa.

Silk Balance Bottle