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NCo4113 Spa Foundation 2lb


Spa Foundation is a special blend of natural minerals that enhance water quality for ultimate bather comfort. It polishes water for eye-catching appeal and softer feeling water.
Natural minerals
Provides unsurpassed clarity and feel
Water takes on caribbean blue look
Compatible with all sanitizers and spa surfaces

  • Use Spa Foundation directly after a fresh fill
  • Contains enzymes, phosphate remover, metal deactivator, and special borate blend
  • IMPORTANT: Balance water chemistry
  • With circulaion running add 6 full caps per 400 gallons to the skimmer or closest return
  • When you add Spa Foundation brush it around to dissolve
  • You should test your phosphate level before using Spa Foundation and one week after to stay on top of your phosphate issue
  • Can be used as a maintenance product
  • Can bath after the product has dissolved
  • May cause temperary clouding and/or foaming