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NC04133 SPa Metal Free Spa 1 Liter


Natural Chemistry's Spa Metal Free gives spa owners the ability to neutralize the affects of dissolved metal in their spa water, eliminating problems such as scaling, staining, and discoloration. Metal Free's formula neutralizes iron, copper, calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals found in city water systems to help keep your spas equipment clog-free and prevent ugly stains to its surfaces, ensuring your spa looking and running like-new.

Initial Application


Add 1oz. per 100 gallons directly to spa immediately after initial fill and after each drain and refill.

Maintenance: Add 1 ounce per 400 gallons per week (1/4 of large cap).

**Do not add this product through skimmer or on the same day a water clarifier has been added**

Initial Dosage

1 oz. per 100 gallons.

Maintenance Dosage:

1 oz. per 400 gallons per week (1/4 of large cap).